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New York Office


Our award-winning tech hub in New York and Tel-Aviv facilitates best practice storytelling, branding, integrated marketing and PR services, to ensure your company's scaling up is spot on.

Our goal is to create a competitive disruptive advantage for the Tech companies we serve: mature and well-funded startups. We aim to unleash their growth potential by creating engageable and inspiring integrated marketing strategy based on storytelling and PR.

How do we do it?
We do this by distilling their unique trust profile. This can be viewed as the communications equivalent of a strategic USP (unique selling proposition): How does your startup create trustful relationships with all its stakeholders?


Our TechPublic services include:

Strategic Trust Narrative
Figuring the major anchors for creating a trust-evoking set of messages. This starts off with an analysis of the startup’s vision, mission, and USP.

Developing key messages as drivers for integrated marketing tools and tactics including video marketing with our PR-inside unique approach.

Media Training 
We work senior stakeholders through simulations and provide best practice guidance for dealing with different media outlets and broadcast. We’ll continue to be there for you for specific media events and engagement.

PR Drumbeat
Creating tier1 national, vlogers, community, trade, wide-reach press drum beat via press relations, editorial visits, and disruptive marketing events.

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