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Political and Corporate Atonement – Does It Really Work?


Behind the Spin of Atonment


A vast research done by Ifat, the leading Israeli communications research company, tracked some of 2016 highly covered public atonements made by politicians and high profile business people, with only one question in hand: did it really work?

Globes- Israel's leading business arena with fascinating facts covered, asked for my inputs as communication strategist - happy to share it. "Attacking public sectors, who will not vote for you anyway, is a very effective and commonly used strategy to enhance your message strategy. Journalists will automatically jump to defend the slandered community or victims, attacking back the attacker, but also automatically repeating the offensive language and messaging – which was exactly what the attacker had in mind the first place. It's an aggressive and very powerful spin. A few days or weeks later, when the attacker is asking for forgiveness, he is duplicating its proven success, again with the kind help of the media. what he really means is 'Thanks for not ignoring me. I owe you guys some valuable marketing dollars. you know what – next round is also on me'. It's a very different ball game in the corporate world where CEO's will meet a very sensitive and skeptic people that wouldn't be easily tempted to but any elegant attainment video with very little reason to believe. In this case, timing, tone & style, facing responsibility and the rank of the apologizer are key for affective atonement".


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